How To Create A Distinctive Work Environment For Your Team?

A pleasant work environment is necessary for all companies; maintaining a positive space brings positive results. Designing a pleasant environment is the goal of any company; certain characteristics must be taken into accounts, such as workers’ space, noise, and air.

In this article, we will mention how you can get an ideal work environment for your work team; to achieve higher performance in workers and improve strategies for your company.

How to design a pleasant work environment for workers?

The first thing is to create an action plan that allows us to improve step by step in the areas that we consider a good work environment does not exist. You must inspect each space, something that can make your job easier is to carry out surveys of the workers to find out the deficiencies.

When you have a clear picture of work deficiencies, you can implement strategies such as:


For a pleasant work environment, there must be an organization. Many times, the worker is promised flexibility; Given the circumstances of today, you can work from home and avoid going to the office. In this way, the worker will feel safe and balanced.

Development opportunities

Enabling training, development, and ways to grow for workers instills a pleasant work environment. The growth of their knowledge is what every worker wants and opportunities to scale within the company.

Good communication

For a work team to function properly, there must be good communication; This will allow correct and fluid handling of ideas and the security of being able to give your opinion without fear.

Recognize the good ideas and achievements of your workers

Recognizing the good ideas and achievements of your workers will help you have a pleasant work environment; Incentivizing workers is a way to earn their trust, in addition to retaining them.

When a worker feels loved and valued in his job, he will do his best for the company; He will look for ways to solve the problems or new ideas for the brand’s growth.

A worker who loves what he does should feel at home when he is at work; that is why it is important that the work teams feel comfortable. Here is how to do it:

  • Honest conversations with workers.
  • Flexibility in schedules.
  • Freedom of expression of ideas.

These four points allow a pleasant work environment for a work team. Freedom of expression of ideas and opinions is vital to keep the creativity, innovation, and necessary improvements in the products or services that the company offers.

Without the honest opinion and impression of a team, one could be working blindly, so propose meetings or surveys where your workers make their knowledge and opinions about a service or product known to you.

At the same time, be honest with them and express any concerns or doubts that arise with their ideas; in this way, you will develop feedback, and the talks will be balanced, allowing the ideas to flow pleasantly.

Questions and answers about part-time entrepreneurship

Starting as a hybrid entrepreneur has advantages and disadvantages. Most part-time entrepreneurs choose to start alongside their job because it offers a bit of security. However, there are tax disadvantages here.

1. What is part-time entrepreneurship?

As a part-time entrepreneur you start (or run) a business in addition to your permanent job. So you just keep working for your boss (sometimes even full time), while you spend a large part of your free hours on business operations.

It is also important for a part-time entrepreneur to get started well prepared. It will save you a lot of stress and extra working hours later if you do all the necessary preparatory work prior to the establishment.

Start a checklist next to your company

As a part-time starter you have the same to-dos as other entrepreneurs:

  • So write a business plan
  • Register with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Research the market
  • Have a website built or do it yourself
  • Use your  network to bring the brand awareness of your products and / or services to the attention of the relevant target group .

Consult with your employer

Finally, contact with your employer or direct supervisor plays an essential role. It is important that you discuss your business plans with him or her before you actually register the company with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) .

Tip: agreements about this have often already been included in your employment contract. Read about the possible consequences of a non- competition clause.

2. What are the pros and cons?

Benefits part-time entrepreneurship

A big advantage of part-time entrepreneurship is that you usually run less financial risk in this way. After all, you keep a regular income.

If you have less or no income at all during a certain period – which is really not unusual for a startup – you still have an income as a hybrid starter.

A financial safety net also reduces the pressure to be successful with your business quickly. Instead, you can take your time building a stable business. This reduces the risk of rush work and other known beginner mistakes .

Disadvantages doing part-time business

There are of course also disadvantages. For example, you always have to take your employer into account. If your boss doesn’t like your plans, for example because you want to set up a company in a similar sector, part-time entrepreneurship is often no longer an option.

You will then either have to resign to try it out as a full-time entrepreneur, or say goodbye to your entrepreneurial dream for the time being.

The fact that your employer is always looking over your shoulder with an oblique eye can also be oppressive and limit your business opportunities. In addition, you have little time outside of work. Overload is then lurking.

3. How does the tax authorities see it?

They do not know ‘part-time entrepreneurship’ at the tax authorities. In their view, you are an entrepreneur for income tax purposes or you have an ‘income from other work’.

Are you seen as an entrepreneur for income tax purposes?

Only then are you entitled to a known tax benefit: the self-employed and start-up allowance . This means that you have to pay less tax and can deduct a fixed amount of 7,030 euros (2020) for the self-employed person’s tax relief.

The benefit of the small business scheme (kor) may also apply to your situation.

4. What are the points of attention for a part-time entrepreneur?

The term part-time entrepreneurship indicates that you ‘add your company’, in other words: in addition to your (full-time) paid job. In practice, however, you will notice that managing a company will quickly take more time than you calculated in advance. 

In principle, this does not have to be a problem; it is of course positive if you are getting busier, because that means that your business is running well. But you must make clear agreements about this with your employer and with any family and circle of acquaintances.

There is a chance that at certain times you will have less time for a brainstorming session with colleagues, your regular running group or to walk the dog.

If you and your loved ones are flexible and can live with such ‘sacrifices’, neither your permanent job nor your part-time business will suffer.